You can own Boogie Heads equipment to make audiences laugh and earn money.

Entertain guests at events by putting their heads in a live music video on top of real dancer's bodies!
Make money with Boogie Heads

Boogie Heads is suitable for all audiences and produces an instant music video... and laughter on the spot. Using state-of-the-art "chroma-key" (green screen) technology, guests choose from over 100 different videos (using 40 popular songs) and can see their video as they participate. They don't have to sing or even know the song -- just bounce your head!

As Featured on CNBC
Meanwhile, other guests watch on a big screen monitor as it happens . Many people want to try it next, everyone is laughing hysterically -- you have a hit at your event.

You can purchase your own Boogie Heads rig to keep at a fixed location, start your own business or travel event to event part-time. Our equipment is very easy to operate and can be designed to suit your needs. We have complete Rigs ready to deliver today. We ship worldwide! See more detailed information on pricing or view samples of photos and videos or our full Video Song List , which presently is the largest in this industry!

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- A video of real people using the equipment
- A video of an audience reaction (school fundraiser)
- A video of an audience reaction (corporate party)
- Excerpts from our Training Video
- More Videos, Photos and Samples...

You may have seen Boogie Heads in the national media just in the last year!

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